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1st - you matter

2nd - your work product matters!

3rd - your future matters!

4th - your profession matters

CaCAP is about what matters...

CaCAP (California Coalition of Appraisal Professionals) - speaks out at all levels. Whether state or federal, legislative or administrative, the CaCAP team is committed to communicating appraiser views, positions, needs and recommendations. We promote open-market solutions. 

CaCAP is a unified Voice -History has proven that the size of a community, and its willingness to speak out, impacts its professions future. Appraisers have been slow to take advantage of this potential. Appraisers have been slow to organize. Our community is sizable. Now, and as we grow, we can speak out in common cause. We will be heard

CaCAP is networking - Things are in a constant state of change. There is a need to know and to be involved. Appraisers need to be current... and well informed. Accurate and timely information is crucial. 

CaCAP is education - We believe in a well-educated appraiser community. We actively support, and promote, local educators. Also, chapters of national appraiser organizations and independent educators that provide high quality education and offer professional appraiser designations. We believe the quality of our education is the cornerstone of our profession. 

CaCAP Member Services - Our team is looking for partners and for the best possible value-added opportunities. The objective is to lower our costs of doing business. As we expand we will be developing opportunities in areas like data services, software, website opportunities, insurance, financial services, legal, travel, retail, and more.

CaCAP does things that you need done. Join CaCAP TODAY! 

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