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What Do We Do?

We Advocate. We are the active voice of the appraiser in California. The main CaCAP mission is to speak out for your rights and your future. And we join with others, in other states, in representing the appraiser’s wants and needs nationally. We are committed to free-market solutions rather than government intervention in the challenges we face.

We Connect. Countless like-minded individuals are expressing their discontent with the direction our profession is heading. In forums, correspondence, classes and around kitchen tables, all throughout the State, appraisers are voicing concerns and frustration. CaCAP brings us together to work as one cohesive force.

We Inform. CaCAP is focused on legislative and administrative actions in Sacramento and Washington. Our job is to provide you with current, accurate, reliably-sourced and relevant information so you have the facts you need to make decisions that benefit your future. Also, to take action so our views and needs are understood, considered and met!

We Work To Improve Services. The appraiser community shares a real need for improved services at reduced cost. Strength in numbers provides this opportunity. CaCAP will work to gain reduced costs for essential services, professional activities and enrichment programs. The type and kind of things we need to benefit our skills and support our businesses. We will also work to create, or assist in creating, special programs specifically tailored to reflect the interests of our members.

We Promote Education. We believe in a well educated membership. We have a strong commitment to promote and support California educators, local appraiser groups and the California chapters of national appraiser groups who provide high quality classes and professional designations. We believe that every appraiser can benefit from belonging to such a group. We are committed to this end as it supports the future of our profession.

With your help, we can do more.