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To represent, promote, and advocate - for the professional Real Estate Appraiser in the State of California.




To foster a membership organization dedicated to advancing the wellbeing of the licensed professional Real Estate Appraiser in the State of California. 

To support, and improve, a work environment that promotes the development of successful businesses able to provide a quality work product and comprehensive service. 

To initiate, promote and maintain programs and services that enhance a member appraiser’s flexibility to conduct their businesses in an open manner that provides responsive and responsible business practices all adherent to the USPAP

To initiate and support programs, policies and services that strengthen the member appraiser’s ability to conduct their businesses in trust and integrity always improving and evolving professional competence.

To support collective action in the promotion, protection, and policing of our Real Estate appraisal profession, assuring as best possible, equitable benefit to the appraiser, and to their clients and the consumers of the State of California.