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Welcome to the California Coalition of Appraisal Professionals (CaCAP) website.

Like you we are Licensed, Certified, General or Trainee appraisers operating on our own or in a supervised environment. We have our own independent fee shops, or we work with a few friends, or perhaps even in larger groups. 

Many of us do residential work; some do commercial. Some of us are working for lenders or for businesses of various types. Yet others are involved with specialty work like relocation or expert witnessing. There is a broad market out there that relies on our professional services. 

Regardless your practice we have important things in common. We operate in good faith. We follow a code of ethics. We believe there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. We have standards and we are reliable. Above all else, and at all times, we are professional. 

But CACAP needs to grow. So, you are invited to join us. Bottom line - it’s about numbers. Numbers get the message out. Numbers make our voice stronger. Numbers are heard, and numbers are listened to. Dues are $25 a year. And if you choose you can make a $25 donation to the legislative fund. That’s only $25 a year... $50 if you donate. 

At CaCAP we are convinced that appraisers can organize. Also, that we need a common nonpartisan political voice actively advocating for our profession! And, a public voice explaining the importance of what we do and how we do it! Imagine... 1,000’s of appraisers speaking as one! Powerful!

So, join the team. Go to the membership page and sign up - now. Spend $25 for your future. And donate if you want. Try it for a year - see if you don’t save the cost of your dues in CE and other member premiums.


Board of Directors and Members