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Just think..someone spent a lot of money to be different!

I kinda like the chimney on this one!

If this is the'd better be awake, if

you have to go in the middle of the night.....

Last time that I was in the dog house, it surely didn't look like this!

If you happen to use the back door, watch out for that

first step, It's a doozy !

Mother & daughter combo.... For a weird family!

Purple polka dots on greenI

think I'm going to be sick.........

For the kid who has everything !!, THAT'S a cat house?

Excuse me..I think I'm going to be sick again!

Couldn't find another place to put the garage ..???

I could live here but with my luck, a tornado

turn it up-side down !! 


Sure is a long way to carry the groceries !!

But honey...I said I wanted a 'free' house !!

Where Michelangelo lived as a teenager !!

'What's the next stop on this train?'

'Hey guys, sober me up before you take me

, o.K.