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  About Us

California Coalition of Appraisal Professionals (CaCAP) was created with a sense of urgency. As we enter a new age, there are troubling signs that adverse forces have aligned and are working against the continuation of an evolving professional appraisal community in service to the consumer. Recent events have, and will continue to, create havoc in the marketplace. They threaten the financial security of the individual appraiser. They are damaging to California consumers who need reliable and responsible service. Action is required!

As we have throughout our business lives, we made the decision to act - CaCAP was born to do something to ensure a different and more beneficial future. To take ACTION!

California Coalition of Appraisal Professionals (CaCAP) is a dynamic statewide member-based organization of California’s licensed appraiser professionals. We believe in our right to freedom in professional lives including the right to select responsive business models of our individual creation and choosing. We also share a commitment to a professional quality of life and to the success that results from unlimited hard work and increasing knowledge. We believe in a free competitive market.

CaCAP - key components:

  •  Advocacy: We are a voice for those who have earned it. Be it state or federal, legislative or administrative, we are committed to presenting appraiser views, positions, and recommendations. We have something to say; we intend to say it.
  •  Communication: We strive to keep our members, and others, fully informed with regular and comprehensive communication.
  •  Member Services: We are committed to the availability of comprehensive and cost-effective member services. Our primary goal is to bring value added results to the future of the independent appraiser business.
  •  Education: We are committed to the, promotion, development and availability of exceptional educational opportunities designed to support and expand the knowledge base of California’s appraiser community; to improving our profession and the individual appraiser’s ability to serve.

CaCAP is determined to realize the full potential of our organization and its membership. We are excited about the community we are building. Our ultimate vision is that of an online/in field community that supports and enriches the essential work components of our professional lives